Reliance’s Legal Notice to TV Channels

RIL’s Legal Notice to TV Channels (PDF Copy)

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RIL’s Legal Notice to TV Channels (PDF Copy)


27 thoughts on “Reliance’s Legal Notice to TV Channels

  1. Kejriwal sir ,i dont know about whole of india..but my vote goes to you..
    I trust you. Ithink you will change the indian poltics…
    But i also know these dirty polticians will do some unwanted unethical things to win election.
    If your party does not come to power plz do not loose hope we are there for u always….

    Love u sir…you are my inspiration

    Amit Kumar

  2. Yesterday’s price increase in LPG & Diesel prices by government clearly proves the nexus between Ambanis & Govt by fooling the general public who are in a hopeless situation If it is allowed to continue. I wish Mr. Kejriwal & teams derives some strategies to overcome the current media ban on Mr. Kejriwal. THEY MUST ENSURE TO BE CONNECTED WITH THE MASSES TO THROW OUT THIS MOST CORRUPT POLITICAL OUTFITS WHO BECOMES MULTI MILLIONERS FROM NOWHERE, UNDER THE DISGUISE OF POLITICIANS. ANY CONGRESS SYCOPHANT WHO SERVES AS A MOUTH-PIECE OR SPOKESMAN FOR CONGRESS BECOMES A MINISTER AFTER FEW MONTHS OF HIS SYCOPHANCY AS IN THE CASE OF KURSHID, TIWARI, ASHWINI, BANSAL, TO NAME ONLY A FEW.


    • Guys please make sure we all vote to AAP and throw this corrupt govt out forever get your voter card ready , and spread the awareness among student and middle class as much as possible , it is now or never and we should make it happen …Jai Hind !!!!

  3. I request all fellow indians to vote to AAM ADMI party in forthcoming elections, otherwise days are not far when aam admi will be starving and these politicians and bureaucrats will make our life further miserable

  4. Well!! now I understand why did I not hear or see anything of Arvind and Aam Aadmi Party on the television or print media all through my stay of one month(Dec 12. to Jan 13) in India. Are, we the people of India, so spineless that we let us be gagged and trashed by an individual who is money bags ? Arvind!! tumhaare sath chalne mein jo aanand hai wo BHEED SE AAGE NIKALANE mein kahaan? Jai Hind!!

  5. It is only an indication that you are in right direction. If someone apposes you mean he/she is testing your endurance and ability to tackle with a particular and adverse situation. Go ahead with full spirit, youths are with you.

    • Honorary Shri Kejriwalji
      We repeatedly offering our corruption reporting platform based on internet, which could be assessed very easily and comfortably throughout the nation for any kind of corruption by any person/individuals, of course with either some documentary proof or a solid logical base to argue the charges. Once a fixed number of reports are generated against a person, he could be dragged to justice and allow him prove all the reports are false and baseless, all reporting person is his enemy.
      Please acknowledge and reply your views.
      Thanking you, Best regards
      Ashok Moda, Ceo,,

  6. Now I know why media has not shown Arvind in the last weeks….Shame on media…but they cannot function by opposing someone as strong as Ambani

  7. All right thinking people and interested in the welfare of the country are with you.These people think if they close their eyes, the world is dark.

  8. My request is for Mr. A.S. Dayal and associates to deseart Mukesh Ambani in favour of the Nation. Mr. A.S. Dayal must not be the part of bunch of crooks….

    If he doesn’t leave helping Mukesh Ambani, the crook; he may go to hail!

    I thank Shri Arvind Kejriwal to make this document public.

    Thank You!
    Swayambar Kumar

  9. I really hope Delhi will show the way one more time and make AAP the ruling party. I am afraid Mr. Arvind has to come up with something more creative to reach out to public. The media has blocked him out. The only people who will listen to 1:47:00 minute hangout video will be people like me who are already convinced about him, bad I dont live in Delhi. I thought Arvind is in oblivion until I went searching for what happened to him. Glad he is still going strong and focused on Delhi which is perfectly right thing to do.

  10. The single great contribution of Ambamis to the nation is curruption, be it the politicians or the bureaucrats and sometimes even mediamen and members of lower jidiciary. It is imperative that this house of curruption crumbles before it is too late for the nation to realise.

  11. Amm admi was always unawre of acts of busniessmen and politicians thanks to shree arvinda kejriwal for such curcial info making avaliable to public.
    after all govermnet is of the people my the people for the people.

  12. Despite being non-Dehliet, we wish that Dehli should set an example of electing & forming an ideal govt. which in real sense be called “A GOVT OF THE PEOPLE, made BY THE PEOPLE, which really work FOR THE PEOPLE”. and not FOR THE PROFITS of NEXUS between CORRUPT HOUSES & CORRUPT LEADERS.

    • well said …I agree with you . The doors of parliaments should be permanently closed for these corrupt political parties . All indians should unite and throw them out of power

      • I full agree with Navneet pande and other that the corrupt politesion should not represent us

  13. I strongly beleived that RIL had hijacked nation keeping oil and gas in his control. It’s impairing India’s growth due to heavy shortage of energey (electricity)

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