Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to Mukesh Ambani

Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter to Mukesh Ambani  (Hindi-PDF copy)

Dear Mr Mukesh Ambani,

You have recently sent a defamation notice to a number of TV channels. Their “crime” is that they aired the press conference held on the 31st October 2012 and 9th November 2012, by Prashant Bhushan and me, live. In our press conference, we presented before the country how you had illegally pressurized the government into increasing gas prices. We also told the country that your associates and your companies have accounts in Swiss banks where black money had been stashed away. Many TV channels aired our expose live.  All these TV channels have now received defamation notices from you.

I find it quite perplexing. If you felt that you have been defamed by what Prashant Bhushan and I said, then we are the real culprits and, if you had to send a defamation notice, it should have been to us. The TV channels merely broadcast what we said. Despite this, instead of sending us the defamation notice, you have sent it to the TV channels. It is evident that your sole purpose of sending this notice was to steamroll the TV channels into subservience.

The people of India want to ask you some straight questions:

  • Is it not true that the list of those who have accounts in Swiss Banks, as received by the Government of India, includes your name and the names of your relatives, your  friends and your companies?
  • Is it not true that a balance of Rs. 100 crores is shown against your name in this list?
  • Is it not true that you have paid the tax on this amount after this list was received by the  Government?

If the above is true, as we suspect it is, it proves that you have admitted your guilt. As per the law of the land, you should be tried and, if the charge of tax evasion is proved, you should be sent to jail.

However, this would never happen. Why? Because the Government of India is intimidated by you. You have been reported as saying that the Congress Party has been bought by you – it is your dukaan, to be precise. You are right. according to some media reports, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi sometimes travels by your personal aircraft. People believe that Mr. Jaipal Reddy’s ministry was also changed because of your influence.

Why only the Congress? Even BJP and many other parties are in your pocket. Earlier, Mr. Advani used to make a lot of noise about Swiss Bank accounts, but since your accounts have been exposed, BJP has suddenly gone quiet. BJP has not mentioned a single word in the Parliament about your accounts.

It appears that almost all parties are afraid of you. Most leaders are scared of you, too. However, the citizens of this country are not scared of you. All parties could be your dukaan but India is not up for sale. India is ours, it belongs to the people of this country. You can purchase political parties and political leaders with your money but we will not let India be sold.

You say that the TV channels have tainted your reputation by airing our press conference live. That’s wrong. I would urge you to answer this question honestly – Did Prashant Bhushan, myself and the TV Channels defame you or did you defame yourself through your own misdeeds?

1. In 2002, you gave 1 Crore shares with a market price of Rs. 55 per share to Mr. Pramod Mahajan at just Rs. 1 per share. This was a straight bribe to get “Full Mobility”. When you were caught, you took back the shares. Presently, the matter is In court.  Didn’t you defame yourself by doing this?

2. You have made your multistoreyed residence on Wakf land. This land had been set aside for an orphanage. You have stolen the right of poor and orphaned Muslim children. Didn’t you defame yourself by doing this?

3. A few gas wells belonging to the Country were allotted to you in 2000. You were supposed to extract gas and give it to the government. The gas belongs to us, the people of India. We are the owners of this gas. You were only a contractor appointed to extract the gas. However, cleverly you became the owner of the gas. You started “selling” the gas to the government.

Because the Congress is in your pocket, it always bowed before your bullying. The Congress kept increasing the price of gas under your pressure and the nation kept wailing. Because of you, the prices of electricity, fertilizer and cooking gas kept rising. When it crossed all limits, Mr. Jaipal Reddy opposed you. He was the Minister for Oil and Gas at that time. You got Mr. Jaipal Reddy transferred. Because of you many things have become increasingly expensive in India and the people are groaning under the load of these high prices. Do these shenanigans suit you? Do such acts not defame you?

The list of such illegal acts done by you is quite long.

The majority of the traders, businessmen and industrialists want to do their work honestly. But the system forces them into wrongdoings. But when a businessman like you brazenly subverts the system for his personal benefit, the entire industry and business world gets a bad name.

You are on one side with immense wealth. On the other side are the people of this country. The people have now awakened. Fire is raging in their heart. History is witness that whenever there has been a clash between money and such rage, the rage has won.

Kindly do not try to intimidate the media of this country. There may be some mediamen who may have done wrong things themselves. Such media-persons may succumb to your pressure. However, the majority of media persons keep the interest of the Country at heart even today. They are not going to capitulate so easily. History is witness that whenever the judiciary, bureaucracy and legislature crumbled, it is the honest fourth pillar, comprising such media-persons that kept democracy alive.

You have invested in some media houses directly or indirectly. It is possible that these media houses do your bidding. However, the journalists working for such media houses will not barter their integrity so easily.

What is your dream? Do you want to become the world’s richest person through dishonesty? Suppose you became the owner of all the wealth in this country. Would that make you happy? Happiness does not increase by accumulating more and more wealth. Happiness comes with sacrifice. If you stopped doing business dishonestly and contributed your wealth for the development of the nation, this country will remember you with pride forever.

With regards,

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to Mukesh Ambani  (Hindi-PDF copy)


93 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to Mukesh Ambani

  1. we are with we. yes I mean it we are with Aam admi. please inform what service i can do for our party.
    great work. god bless u

  2. Arvind Please keep continue this fight …………… we are with you ……………. we are with india …..and we all want safe and growing india …….. where every one is having the equal contribution…………… make the history ……………… Jai Hind Jai Bharat …………….

  3. The only thing we can do is stay away from all Reliance Products. Stop going to their stores, dont buy their mobile, dont buy their shares. You will then see that their empire will come crushing down little by little. Yes we all can support people like KEJRIWAL but that is not enough.

  4. Ambanis think they will take ill earned welth with their soul, fools are those who think God is not watching, tell him to learn something from angels like Mr. Ratan Tata, or Bill Gates or Ajim Premji….what one takes to next incarnation is his own bad or good karma. So Ambanis are just spoiling their next incarnations by looting nation, remember looting Nation n then making petty charity ur soul will not be forgiven for sins u commit…….

  5. sir, the youth of india want a grassroot thought of guidance from you….guide us in a what way we can support your campaign(aam admi party) on our level

  6. Dear kejriwal sir lalchi ko sharm nahi aati system ko system se change kiya ja sakta hai lekin uske liye bhi system ki zaroorat hai.aap par desh ka faith hai but apko bhi public par hop karna padega Loktantr me system vote se badal sakte hai raily se Nahi.Kya app yakeen karenge ki 64 sal se 250 log 1300000000 logon par Raj kar rahe hai poori ajadi ka labh 250 khandan ko mil raha hai.

  7. Time for Ambani to repent and do pashyataap if Arvind’s allegations are true. Looks like India is just a free for all business and no longer a country.

  8. Arvind, good reply! I’m still waiting for your expose’ on the judicial system which you announced 2 months back. The pressure must be kept up every month to get things moving in this country.

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  10. Arvind sir ,I really have no words to express my respect and gratitute regarding U.please and please do let us inform about these shocking realities.And on behalf of our whole countrymen I promise that all of us are with you to make a tit for tat scenario.God Bless and ya a wonderful and long long life so that you can see the corruption free india.

  11. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal what ever you are doing for the country is really most appreciable. We (with friends) are often discussing about you specially. I love the way you arousing people. Please keep on doing.

  12. we are with you Arvindji ……….its our india not his or his politicians………..if he has the power of money we have the power of unity!!!!

  13. Arvind has gutts! Hope he is well protected because Mukesh’s Empire will strike back. You can see how articles related to AAP are being relegated away from major newspaper front pages. Glad the people of India are able to jago this time and will give a fitting reply in LS elections.

  14. Keep the courageous work going, I am with you arvind and am also willing to contribute whatever whenever , jai hind

  15. Keep it up, Salute your courage, Am bani only knows to take, but does no know to give. He can bear loss by opening his reliance petrol pump network on 15 th august & 26 Jan for the country against the govt companies

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