Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter to Local Prabhari




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Arvind Kejriwal's Letter to Local Prabhari Arvind Kejriwal's Letter to Local Prabhari-2


2 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter to Local Prabhari

  1. Sorry, don’t agree at all with the Hagiography of Arvind presented in Answer 2. That Arvind was honest in the past is a completely inadequate reason to give him a permanent honesty certificate for the future – especially under the corrupting influence of power.

    The answer we’re giving to “what if Arvind becomes corrupt?” is exactly the same as for anybody else in the party – that the party’s internal mechanisms are strong enough to enable any citizen with evidence of malfeasance to get him ejected from party posts. Similarly, after prompt enactment of Janlokpal & Electoral reforms by AAP, citizens will be similarly empowered to ensure his ejection from Public posts – if he were to ever become corrupt. Finally, after the implementation of AAP’s decentralization of power or “swaraj” agenda, everybody’s scope for corruption is automatically reduced.

    Each of us Aam Aadmis should also make it our personal responsibility to take action against any office bearer including Arvind, if we ever come across any evidence of wrongdoing.

    Girish, AAP Nagpur

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