AAP: Banners for Traffic Signal

Slogan Traffic ads._Page_1 Slogan Traffic ads._Page_2 Slogan Traffic ads._Page_3 Slogan Traffic ads._Page_4 Slogan Traffic ads._Page_5 Slogan Traffic ads._Page_6 Slogan Traffic ads._Page_7

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One thought on “AAP: Banners for Traffic Signal

  1. Sir,
    Looks like people of India have become habitual of bearing corruption, inflation, and injustice. They keep crying like a camel or donkey but still carry the heavy loads. Probably they don’t realise this was a Golden oppertunity to get rid of the corrupt and criminal mafia. The think AK has higher ambitions. Parhaps God’s will is that people of India should suffer more. So what more AK can do.? You can only prey if people can understand your dreams of corruption, and goon free India. Where people can expect justice. Women can feel safe and live with pride. Childern don’t have to sleep hungry, don’t have to search the garbage. I feel sorry for loosing this chance.

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