Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter to Volunteers & Booth Incharge Form

AK Letter to Volunteers

Click here to download PDF copy of Letter

Booth Incharge form

Booth Incharge form


11 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal’s Letter to Volunteers & Booth Incharge Form

  1. There is only one thing to feel sorry about the way people in the know analyze AAP.

    It is not the defeat in the last elections, or the turmoil in the party, or Arvind getting slapped by unsavoury elements.

    The thing that makes me and scores of sensible Indians disturbed is the way the media houses and TV channels (except The Hindu) use one yradstick for AAP, and another for the rest.

    a. When Arvind sits for a dharna against the high-handed Delhi Police, it is anarchy. When Jaitley sits for a Dharna against the Election Commission, it is ‘democratic right to protest’!

    b. When Arvind refuses to sign a bail bond to come out of jail, it is ‘pointless eccentric behaviour’. When Sinha refuses to sign the bail bond to come out of jail, the BJP spokespersons become numb.

    c. When people resign from AAP, it signals the collapse of the party. When people resign from other parties to join the rivals, it is the Aya Rams’ right to freedom of opinion!

    d. When AAP candidates organize ‘paid’ dinners in full view of the public to mobilize funds, it is — ‘What a shame for the AAm Admi to spend Rs. 20,000 for a plateful of food! When the two main political parties spend hundreds of crores in image make-overs’ and ‘personality projections’, media houses and the TV anchors choose remain oblivious. One of them, a wild ‘screaming’ type, proclaiming to be the corruption watch-dog goes into the ‘mute mode’.

    Like this, the list goes on and on. A jaundiced eye will breed yellow journalism. A clear eye promotes fair and fearless journalism.

    AAP contested 400 seats, won just four — a success rate of just one percent. But, as a fellow IITian from Khargpur, I can assure all the doomsayers that Arvind Kejriwal has stamped his brand in the psyche of all Indians. In the years to come, the chastened and rejuvenated AAP will occupy the political space it so rightly deserves.
    Long live Arvind, long live AAP!

    • Congratulations ! Now some how we have to educate that AAAP =YOU=WE=US. The entire PR Machinery continues to work against the honest , noncriminals ,
      AAAP (aam aurat & aadmee party) I wonder why those who oppose AAAP are so fixated on corruption as their way of life and have readily accepted it . We do not know how the Media Anchors & Editors of various publication , live with themselves and look into the eyes of their children and tell them that they are making an honest living with professional integrity .
      It seems that the British Occupation that has permanently changed our DNA and we have gotten used to being ruled by someone else , with decisions being made for us and for us to suffer.
      People have to realize that all we have is “Heart” and did not have 1% of the funds of the established party (Congress & BJP) We were fighting against the top 1% very powerful people , who have been exploiting the masses for generations and continue to do so , have substituted the British atrocities , with their greed of money & power and are threatened for the first time being challenged by the people’s movement. The increase in Cost of Living across the board without the increase in income will create a further divide between the super rich and the rest of us .
      14.5 % increase in Railway Fares , and exponential increase in transportation cost will increase the prices of Food , Clothing , Housing , Electricity , Water , and all the basic necessities , across the board . By Purposefully allowing the increase in cost of education and healthcare , it seems that the administration wants your children ignorant and unfit to oppose .
      BJP sees AAAP as a principal opposition and therefore systematically undoing all the good AAAP did in 49 days for the people of Delhi , may it be Water, Electricity, Public Education , Public Hospital , Cooking Gas, CNG & Petrol Price Cap , elimination of retail corruption in market place , movement for Police accountability , discrimination , exploitation of labor . gender bias , child labor , harassment of street vendors and rickshaw pullers by officials , judicial delay and corruption , change of redundant laws that do not work for the people , transparency in administration and many more things that , I am sure are missed.

    • Dear AAP team,

      All these analysis are much delayed. We could have utilized the opportunities in time. Even now also to take an immediate step to form the party path from the root level. More attention/concentration must give Southern state states, especially to Kerala.


      Bakshi Assan. M.A.

  2. I agree with strategy and appreciate it but screening of booth incharges is essential monthly on performance. Also a polite way to reprimand booth incharge instead of publicly condemning and going to media.
    Arvindji instruct a steel plan, follow it.

  3. We are with AK & AAP.I am very much proud to have leader like AK. Media is playing negative role to malign AK & AAP. Nobody can defeat the truth.God is with AK. All the best to AAP for next election.We must win……… Ambani , BJP & congress will lose.

  4. Time has come to revamp the party by removing the bad elements ( unscrupulous ,dishonest people ).This initial hassles are very common with all the new born political out-fits.Please right kind of people with good educational and social background particularly for any post otherwise wrong signals will go the common people.

  5. Still people want to fight against CORRUPTION and AAP is the only alternative. I being associated with party for the last 2 years have observed that the general feeling is that all the political parties are corrupt but unfortunately no one is there to fight against this.

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