AAP: Mission Vistaar

Mission Vistaar

WHY  (हिंदी में पढ़ें)

While India as a country has made strides in the last couple of decades, the common man continues to face unprecedented crises in the form of inflation, unemployment and the lack of minimum requirements such as access to quality health and education. All these concerns have their roots in systemic corruption and mal-governance in our political system.

The Aam Aadmi Party evolved from a nationwide anti-corruption movement that was fueled by the anger of citizens of our country against the rampant corruption of the political parties.

History was created when people of Delhi, given a true alternative, chose to give the Aam Aadmi Party 28 seats during assembly elections in 2013. This result was historic because voters of Delhi showed the rest of our country that honest politics was possible, that common people could contest and win elections without spending huge amounts of money.

The Aam Aadmi Party then formed a minority government and within 49 days demonstrated that when there is political will, corruption could be controlled and interests of the common man could be addressed.

Despite limited resources and minimum organisational structure, AAP contested over 400 seats across the country, with the intention of giving people of our country a choice of an honest candidate and party. At a time when many old and established parties were wiped out, we registered our presence throughout the country and sent 4 honest MPs into Parliament.

People of this country overwhelmingly rejected the incumbent Congress Government, due to the party’s widespread corruption and mal-governance. While a battle has been won, the war against corruption still wages on.

Based on the experiences of BJP government in various states and the fact that the new central government has taken no steps thus far to fight corruption and inflation ,it is now becoming clear that the Modi government policies are no different from that of the Congress.

It has therefore become all the more important for the people of our country to be offered a true political alternative and not just a substitute.  In order for us to provide such an alternative, we will need to reach out to more and more people across the country to create awareness, expand and strengthen the party organization.



The Mission Vistaar campaign was initiated by the National Executive of the Aam Aadmi Party in June 2014. It aims to:
  • Reach out to the multitude of citizens of this country, whoshare the ideology of the AamAadmi Party and want to play a meaningful role in nation building
  • Integrate all these change-makers into the Party organization, by providing opportunities for them to take up responsibilities within the Party.
  • Evolve a meaningful and effective two-way communication system among volunteers and between various levels of party organization
  • Facilitate the process of political education andleadership-building amongst those who have joined Aam Aadmi Party to be a catalyst of change in the country.
  • Reorganize the organizational units at various levels through a bottom-up democratic process



The Mission Vistaar process for the expansion and restructuring of the party would be a multi-stage process.

Formation of Mission Vistaar Committee by the National Executive.

The committee consists of the following members:

  • Prithvi Reddy (Convenor)
  • Prof. Anandkumar
  • Anjali Damania
  • Atishi Marlena
  • Ashutosh
  • KrishnakantSevada
  • Pankaj Gupta
  • Parveen Amanullah
  • Sanjay Singh
  • V.Purushottam
  • AjitJha (Special Invitee)
  • Shalini Gupta (Special Invitee – Organization Development Advisor)

Appointment of Observers

Neutral observers will be appointed to oversee the process of restructuring and expansion of the party in each of the states. List of State Observers
  • The Observers will travel throughout the States and organize meetings with volunteers, candidates and members of the State, Campaign and District Committees.
  • In these consultations, feedback will be collected on the performance of the various state units in LokSabha 2014 elections.
  • Suggestions on who can be depended to take responsibility and inputs on the roadmap of the state will be collected during this visit.
  • Based on these consultations, the Observers will submit a report to the MV Committee.

Formation of the Interim State Mission Vistaar Committee

  • Based on the inputs from the state visit and the Observer’s report, an interim State Mission Vistaar Committee will be appointed.
  • In addition, a grievance cell, a disciplinary committee and Obudsman will also be appointed.
  • The State Mission Vistaar Committee would have a mandate of developing the party organization and time-bound restructuring of the party. To this end, it will be set with performance targets and held accountable for the same.
  • It would also be responsible for any necessary political activities/campaigns in the State

Formation of Interim District Mission Vistaar Committees

  • The interim District Mission Vistaar Committees would be appointed by the State Mission Vistaar Committee, in consultation with the volunteers of the District. The State Observer would monitor this process.
  • District Mission Vistaar Committees would be mandated with the expansion of the party, with performance targets and accountability mechanisms.
  • It would also be responsible for any necessary political activities/campaigns in the District

Goals  for Interim committees and volunteers

  • Once the interim Mission Vistaar teams have been formed, all volunteers will engage in expansion of the party at the booth level.
  • Every volunteer will work at his polling center to recruit at least 2 dedicated volunteers and as many members as possible.
  • Multiple volunteers from the same polling center can either split the task, or spread to adjacent centers.
  • The activity of all volunteers will be carefully tracked and verified on a continuous basis. The performance of the interim committees will be monitored by the State Observers and amendments made to the team composition if necessary.
  • Once the minimum polling center strength is achieved, volunteers can choose to grow the party in other polling centers or further strengthen the party in the same center.
  • In order to further strengthen the party at the polling center, volunteers will pick up activities such as assisting people for issues like RTI, RTE, accessing PDS; checking voter lists by door-to-door visits and getting information (through RTI) about the funds allocated to the area, understanding how it was spent and making this available to local citizens.
  • Volunteers will also mobilize all new members and volunteers to support any political issues taken up by the interim State / District Mission Vistaar committees.

Putting in place a bottom-to-top democratically elected party organisation

A core objective of MV is to achieve the broadening and deepening of the organisation, fully in line with AAP’s constitutional principles of transparency and intra-party democracy.

This is sought to be achieved through a bottom-up democratic process to elect governing bodies and party committees at all levels. Elections will be held from the ward and panchayat level , right up to finally electing the party’s national council and the national executive.

All  active members of the party as defined in the constitution will have the opportunity to participate in this electoral process as voters and/or candidates, to achieve a fully democratically elected party organisation.

These elections will be held under the aegis of neutral national observers, assisted by the respective local interim committees, and are expected to be completed within a maximum of one year.

Minimum membership targets and committee size at each level, and minimum proportion of ready party units at each level required to hold an election at the next level – these and other relevant parameters will be specified in line with the party constitution.

A code of conduct will be established for volunteers and committee members and an accessible grievance redressal mechanism, together with an internal Lokpal, again as mandated by the constitution, will be instituted in parallel to this MV effort of organisation building.

All Interim Committees formed at various levels through MV will be dissolved as and when elections as described above are held .

Through these measures, a robust and vibrant party organisation, fully representative of the electorate we aspire to represent and serve, its expected to be capacity, and will have the opportunity to freely voice their opinions in the party.


The way forward from here requires the involvement and participation of all our volunteers. We all need to come together and build the party’s organization throughout the country, and lead the nation to a corruption-free future


For any questions, queries or suggestions, you can contact the Mission Vistaar team

1. By email: contact-mv@aamaadmiparty.org

2. By phone: +91-85888-33599

(Both the phone number and email address would get activated from July 5, 2014)


One thought on “AAP: Mission Vistaar

  1. Aam Aadmi Party or AAP had a marvelous stint in the Delhi elections towards the end of last year. From nothing to the party forming the government, AAP’s performance left everyone in awe of their strategies and progress. However, they have only seen a down-fall since the day the party took over the reins from the then CM, Sheila Dixit. They soon realized that they had promised what was difficult to fulfill, the state was in shackles and they lacked experience in governing. All this combined with a haste they were in to prove a point before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections proved to be their reason for quick suicide – resigning from the government. What followed is for everyone to see. They could not perform in general elections as they lost credibility in their ability to run a government. What was a golden chance was thrown and people could not trust their vote to them.

    However it is still early to discard the party completely as they have some life left in them, strangely so but there is !! And it needs to be seen how they leverage that life – to rise to newer heights or to lay down slowly.

    For more detailed analysis and view points please do visit my blog article – http://www.expressions-kt.in/2014/05/in-hindsight-aapka-bubble-bust-not-yet.html

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