Arvind Kejriwal’s reply to EC’s Show cause notice


Click Here to download PDF copy


8 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal’s reply to EC’s Show cause notice

  1. The reply is far convincing no doubt. I have following suggestion in this,
    1. Letter Draft needs improvement [Though matter is important] and whenever needed bulleted points should be used and there after detail can be mentioned underneath
    2. Avoiding specific names should be avoided and need to be generalized
    3. Wherever needed related references with support of statistical numbers can also help

  2. Why is it only in Hindi? Do you assume everyone in this country knows Hindi or you don’t care about the rest of the country’s AAP supporters?

  3. Well done dear. We love you. Aap ke liye vote to kya jaan bhi hazir hai. vijay kumar mago, 8/63 Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110015. By the way Kirab didi se yeh puchiye ki unke campaign ke liye usne khud kitna kharcha kiya hai, aur agar usne sara kharche khud nahin kiya to ye paisa kahan se aa raha hai. Sharam nahin aati usko? Black money aur haraam ke paise se chunnav larti hain.

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